Monday, July 15, 2013

The Long List (EDM)

So, the Short List (EDiM) had 31 items. It fired me up to tackle another list--a MUCH longer list. Because I had very little formal instruction in art and because I always loved school (I know; weird) and because I love the challenge of uniquely interpreting (and probably complicating) a simple suggestion and *okay, here's the truth* because I tend to be undisciplined and easily distracted, I respond very well to lists of art prompts. I didn't know this until recently. Hey, you're never too old to learn something about yourself!

The Everyday Matters Facebook group has thousands of members. They are encouraged to share pages from their travel and life journals. I don't keep a travel journal (see above--"undisciplined"), and my life journal keeps veering off in odd directions (see above--"easily distracted"). But, EDM also has this list "thing." It started as a weekly challenge to group members to draw something ordinary and then share it with the group. Well, I'm really late to the party. The list has topped out at 328 items and is still inspiring us late-comers to render the ordinary matters of our lives in pencil, pen, and paint. The beauty of ordinary things is something I've always been tempted to explore. So, this is a perfect challenge for me. The Long List is my new challenge. I'm taking it in order, because....(see above--"undisciplined" and "easily distracted"). I'm currently 16 items deep into it and am loving it.

My drawings are three inches square and are strung together in four-panel strips...because that's how the paper comes (9" x 12"). I chose an odd format for many reasons. I needed small panels so that I could actually get them done and so I didn't use up too much paper and paint on what I thought would be just exercise. Well, the response has been pretty remarkable. The group members have been so kind to respond to the format, like it was some "aha" thing. I am surprised by the attention. Surprised and humbled. Surprised and humbled and inspired to continue. That's the happy result of this group for me: the encouragement and positive vibe. I love seeing how members from around the globe take the time to encourage every effort of every artist. I believe the craft of hand-drawn art will only benefit from these kinds of groups. Let's face it. In this digital, highly technical world of computers and digital art and Photoshop, all of which I love, the world of sketching might have gotten lost. Instead, it's growing BECAUSE of the Internet and Facebook and Flickr. It's wonderful! Really. One form of art and invention supporting another.

So, below are my first 16 panels in one shot. I will post each panel individually as well, as they appeared on Facebook. And, I'll try to keep up. This is gonna get long, folks!

Everyday Matters 1-16


  1. Dad and I both would like to know...who gets the originals? OR, better yet, will they all be in your first book, "Collected Works"?

  2. They will stay with me because they don't take up much room! The best kind of collected works are small!

  3. Hey Staci - wonderful and inspirational work :) What paper type/weight do you use? It seems to hold fairly strong watercolour very well without buckling, yet is obviously easy to cut and bend without buckling/cracking at the edges too...