Saturday, January 3, 2015

A Cuppa

I barely remember drawing this. It was buried near the back of my Arc daily journal that I try to sketch in every day. Apparently, I got bored while waiting somewhere, and I had coffee on the brain.
PITT Artist Pen on Drawing Paper

The Postman's Knock

5x7 pen on recycled metallic envelope
My daughter gave me a lovely handmade card in this also-lovely gold envelope. I couldn't throw it away, so I doodled on it. I've always loved this quote from poet W. H. Auden. I believe there will come a day when the phrase "the postman's knock" will be completely meaningless to our society. It's already mostly that way, since the postman doesn't knock anymore. He does dump packages on my porch occasionally, though, which quickens the heart a bit.