Wednesday, July 24, 2013

EDM 36 - A Public Place

I did do a little drawing at Alice's Tea Cup in NYC. I just didn't draw there today. Sigh. This is a happy memory of a day in May, spent with my daughter just three weeks before she married. And, on my wish list: a finer-tipped violet marker! Double sigh.

This tea room, Alice's Tea Cup, in New York is magical. It's themed after Alice in Wonderland. The staff was unbelievably friendly and efficient. And, it was really crowded, which is a good sign! Usually, tea rooms are considered a for-ladies-only zone, but at the table right next to us, four guys ordered high tea. It was pretty fun, actually. The food was amazing, though, so I guess we girls can't keep it to ourselves!
EDM 36 - A Public Place; 3x3" watercolor

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