Saturday, August 24, 2013

EDM 77 - Something Cold

My feet are always cold, but that is not why I painted my toenails HOT pink. Today is my birthday, but that is not why I painted my toenails hot pink. I don't care anymore. THAT is why I painted them hot pink. You see, when I was 12 and in junior high, a boy who was a little older and a lot cooler than I made fun of my big ugly toes. I know now that he was just doing what insecure junior high boys do. And, likewise, I responded like a typical insecure junior high girl. I became extremely self-conscious about my big, ugly toes. They really weren't/aren't very attractive. But, today, after years of hiding my less-than-attractive feet, I painted my toenails a color that says, "Look at me!" I'm 51, and I just don't care anymore. :) (BTW, I used the actual nail polish in this painting. It is WAY bright!)
EDM 77 - Something Cold; 3x3" watercolor

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