Friday, August 9, 2013

EDM 58 - A Sentimental Hat

In 2006, my husband, our two children, and I went to Hong Kong for 9 days as part of a team from our church. We did not go primarily to see sites or to shop for souvenirs, even though we did a little of both. This funny hat is one of the only things I bought. We got some formal chop sticks, too, but the hat is more interesting and really fun to paint.

I don't keep black or gray paint on my palette, so those are honest-to-goodness brown/blue/violet mixed blacks. I'm strangely proud of the fact that I can combine three colors and make inky mud, and it just seems smart to free up space on the palette by taking out default colors that can be easily mixed when needed. Proud AND smart. Sheesh! Someone's head is certainly getting large!
EDM 58 - A Sentimental Hat; 3x3" watercolor

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