Friday, August 9, 2013

EDM 59 - A Sign of Autumn

The corn here grows to 13 feet high during an average summer. There's no telling how high it will go after the wet, warm summer we're having. Corn farmers are ecstatic! In the early fall, when the corn starts its quiet, gradual fade to harvest time, the mighty giants will shrivel and thin, and we'll be able to see the horizon again!

This painting was on life support more than once. At one point, I scrubbed it with salt and water to take it back to something I could start to like. I'm going to call this technique "heavy lifting." Get it? Lifting paint in a big way? Heavy? Lifting? I know. Move on. I learned a lot about what the paper can take. I might even do it intentionally someday. In the end, I liked the effect of paper that had been harshly stripped of paint--sort of the watercolor version of stone-washed jeans. As so often happens, an accident turned happy.
EDM 59 - A Sign of Autumn; 3x3" watercolor

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