Monday, August 26, 2013

BluJar Gets a Home

I drew and painted this several weeks ago, when I first set up my new studio. The layout has changed a little, as I've added more desk space, but generally it's the same. The studio is very small, but very bright. Bright is more important to me than space.

I haven't wanted to post this picture online because I didn't want to make the name of my studio public until I was closer to opening for business and until I had the name registered. I am getting closer to launching, and the name is officially mine, except it has changed from BluJar Design, as in this painting, to BluJar Studio, which better reflects what my plans are for the business. I am a graphic designer, but I'm not interested in doing graphic design exclusively. I want to paint and sell artwork. My pieces often have an element of graphic design about them. I can't really help myself. If I were a landscape painter, which I'm not, I would find some way to "design" the scene. It is how I see the world.

I am having so much more fun now that I've stepped away from graphic design (all on computer) and picked up pens and brushes again. Getting up in the morning and working in my studio is a joy. Having to leave the studio and do housework? Not so much, but I am enjoying being home after years of working in an office.
New BluJar Studio; Moleskine Watercolor Journal

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