Monday, May 5, 2014

EDM 206 - Something with a Regionally Exclusive Name

Well, I live in "Dutchy" Amish Country in Lancaster County, PA, which has a vocabulary all its own. Where do I start?

I grew up elsewhere and we called pavement "blacktop," so this picture shows a blacktop driveway. I've had to learn to call blacktop "macadam" and the driveway is called a lane. Now, if your car broke down at the end of this lane, someone might ask, "Oh my, did your car let you sit?" And if you were stuck a long time, and someone called to find out where you are, you might say, "Sorry, I didn't get left yet." If you did not answer your phone, the person calling has the option of "letting a message" for you. But, I'll "leave it go" at that.
EDM 206 - Regional Names; 3x3" watercolor

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