Wednesday, May 14, 2014

EDiM 13 - A Seashell

Trying to catch up, so I cranked this out quickly. Even though I don't have any desire to work in advertising or marketing, I occasionally enjoy creating signs for imaginary companies. I acknowledge that it's an unusual thing to do. Sometimes it's the only thing that presents itself when I have to be creative on demand.

If seashells are literally vacated homes, how would you market them to potential next-occupants? Welcome to Seashell Realty where our slogan is "She Sells." There's not a lot of money in selling used shells to cashless ocean creatures, so our sign is homemade and folksy. "Ocean Properties For Rent (temporary housing only); Oceanfront (and ocean back and side yards, too); Cozy (realtor-speak for really, really tiny); Single Occupancy Only (full disclosure; absolutely NO room for guests); Move-in Ready and Fully Furnished (again, no room for your stuff, and pack rats need not inquire).

BTW, for the white space, a traced a shell I acquired from the Jersey Shore recently. "This Negative Space Is For Rent."
EDiM 13 - A Seashell; watercolor

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