Sunday, March 2, 2014

EDM 190 - Colors on My Palette

I'm not usually a big fan of undiluted paint colors. They seem almost too rich and bright, and I always prefer to mix them. Watercolors are meant to mix and mingle, I think. They usually get along very well if they aren't overworked. But, for this challenge, every color keeps to itself. Sigh.

These are not all my paint colors, but they are the ones I use most often. I don't bother with black and white paint. The paper provides the white, and when I want black, which is infrequently, I like to mix it myself. Having said that, I did use an opaque white pen for the details here. I only pretend to be a purist.
EDM 190 - Palette Colors; 3x3" watercolor
This is actually a smaller version of a color wheel I painted in one of my art journals last year. It was bigger and better...and on much better paper. I love the paper in Moleskine watercolor journals!

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