Saturday, March 15, 2014

Wet Paint Weekly Workout #2 - Self Portrait

Best thing about this is that when the model is tired of sitting still, you know you're done.
WPWW 2 - Self Portrait; sepia pen on mixed media paper

This project reminded me of my first week of art school back in 1984. I had almost no formal art training when I started studying commercial art and design in college. I had already finished a bachelor's degree in a non-art major, so I was older than all the other students in my art classes. I really wondered if I belonged and if I was going to make it through. I had very little confidence in my abilities.

When the first project in my life drawing class was to paint a self portrait, my first thought was, "Yup, I'm gonna to hate this." I was okay with the idea of drawing a face, just not MY face. I was also unfamiliar with the assigned medium. We had to use a brush and ink wash. I had almost no experience with painting, and I'd never thought of ink as something you would paint with. It was tough! It still is tough to do self portraits, and I avoid them at all costs. But, I made a commitment to stick with this 12-week challenge. What was I thinking?

I completed this portrait by looking in a mirror, which was excruciating! I chose crosshatching with a fineline pen because I'm very comfortable with that technique. Overall, it isn't horrible. Unfortunately, it looks a lot like me! I figure this challenge thing can only go up from here!

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