Sunday, September 22, 2013

Color Wheel Umbrella

This was an experiment of sorts. I wanted to paint a color wheel in my Moleskine watercolor journal, but the traditional circle seemed boring. It didn't take long to land on this umbrella design, but now I feel like I need to finish it. What to do?

I achieved the darker areas by loading extra-wet paint in each segment and tipping the journal up to let the paint pool at the bottom, much the way water would cascade off a real umbrella. Each segment has a single color of paint. The darker areas are just over-saturated, literally. I think the paper cried once, "Enough already; we're drowning here!"

Overall, I think it turned out kind of cool. There's SO much paint on the page, though, that you could use this painting as a palette to paint something else.
watercolors in Moleskine watercolor journal