Saturday, March 15, 2014

Wet Paint Weekly Workout #4 - Shoes with Pens

I titled this piece "Comfort Times Three": soft, comfy leather shoes; warm, handknit wool socks; and faithful, old blue jeans. Ah!

I used Prismacolor Premier 005 fineline pens in four colors. I should have stopped there. I've done plenty of all-pen drawings before, and I'm usually very comfortable with that medium. But, I felt like this drawing needed some watercolor. Hope that doesn't affect my grade!

The photo of the finished piece is deceiving. The shoes, which were the all-ink part of the drawing, look really flat and dull, almost like a photocopy. The watercolor part (jeans and socks) is vibrant and more three dimensional and looks like it's still wet. The contrast between ink and watercolor is not nearly as stark in the actual piece.

I just want to go on the record and say that it took three weeks for us to get to an assignment I was comfortable with. The first two weeks were CHALLENGES! This one was FUN!
WPWW 4 - Shoes with Ink; pen & watercolor

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