Thursday, January 30, 2014

EDM 179 - An Onion

When I first married and started cooking, I would read a recipe, make a list of ingredients, and head to the store with naive confidence. I spent lots of time at the meat case, trying to make sense of cuts of meat that had names that matched nothing in my cookbook.

The produce department wasn't much friendlier. Labels on shelves were often missing or misplaced, leaving me helpless and guessing. Nowhere was I more confused than standing in front of the onions. Yellowish onions were labeled white; orangey onions were labeled yellow; purple onions were labeled red; and there didn't seem to be any green onions...because they looked like chives to me. I don't think I figured out shallots and leeks until a couple decades later.

Variety in American grocery stores is a wondrous and overwhelming thing!
EDM 179 - An Onion; 3x3" watercolor

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