Tuesday, January 7, 2014

EDM 170 - A Zipper

For the movie, "You've Got Mail," I made a sign for the fictional Zipper Man on Amsterdam Avenue. "You never have to buy new luggage!" I decided The Zipper Man's selling point would be that he fixes your gaps. (I realize I'm never gonna make it in the real marketing world.)

Three illustrators who have greatly influenced me as an artist are Charles Wysocki (no longer living), Jan Brett (still living and illustrating), and Mary Engelbreit (still cranking out delightfully cute illustrations). All three manage to communicate lightheartedness, while obsessively sweating every little detail. For doing so well something that I always strive to do, they are my heroes.

This piece pays homage to Wysocki, the master of invented signs for his wonderful folk towns; to Engelbreit, who works entirely with markers and colored pencils because she says she does not know how to paint (I did this piece with my hodge podge collection of markers.); and to Brett, who is notorious for hiding things, even entire sub plots, in her illustrations (This is #170 from the EDM list, and I used the number in The Zipper Man's address.)
EDM 170 - A Zipper; 3x3" markers

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