Monday, January 6, 2014

EDM 168 - My Daily Newspaper

We only receive the Sunday paper, and then it's only for my husband. I never touch it. Ick, newspaper! I'm ever so slightly obsessive about keeping my hands clean.

Anyway...the only way the newspaper gets "read" around me is when it's used to catch drips under a can of red paint. Get it? Read. Red.

Anyway...I'm out of sorts today. I'm in the middle of relocating my studio, and I could not handle getting the watercolor paints and brushes set up. Hence, the hastily done ink and colored pencil drawing. Someone needs to buy a new red pencil. And, someone should go find her pencil sharpener. And, someone should hush and post this.
EDM 168 - Daily Newspaper; 3x3" ink & colored pencil

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