Monday, February 10, 2014

Forgetting My Pencil

I left the house with a sketchbook, but no pencil. I had plenty of pens, but I'm not usually confident enough to sketch with pen. I really dislike messing up a journal page. Okay, I am afraid of messing up a page in a journal. "They're sketchbooks; they're for practicing," I say to myself. "I know, but...," I say back. I know I need to get over this fear.

My grandmother was a quietly funny person. She worked crossword puzzles for fun, and she was fond of saying, "I'm very confident. I work crossword puzzles with pen!" Okay, Grandma, I hear you. I drew this with no guidelines and with a ballpoint pen, and I like it! It's gonna be okay!
Psalm 63:1; ballpoint pen on mixed media paper

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