Thursday, February 20, 2014

EDM 185 - A Cat

The 2014 Winter Olympics have been going on for the past two weeks, which means at least two things: 1) we've seen human beings doing extraordinary things that most human beings can't do, and 2) we have heard a fresh batch of curling jokes that should carry us through to the 2018 Games. As sports go, curling is fairly goofy looking, but I suspect that those who make fun of it haven't actually tried it. I am sure it is much harder than it looks.

I watched some of the curling matches, and though they are fairly boring, I am fascinated by its precision and simplicity. Cats are similarly fascinating. So much of what they do is unique to cats. I'm convinced they're boneless. I love how they go down for a nap. They circle the spot and gracefully curl down into the circle they've mapped out. The last step of cat curling usually involves tucking in all the loose ends. If you had to uncurl a sleeping cat, it's hard to know where you'd start. They make curling look easy. But, most humans couldn't get into that position and relax enough to go to sleep. It's super human. Like most Olympic sports.
EDM 185 - A Cat; 3x3" watercolor

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