Tuesday, February 4, 2014

EDM 182 - A Truck

Some sketches have a back story that is not obvious. It might be interesting to have people guess what my "life as a trucker" was about based on my drawing.
EDM 182 - A Truck; 3x3" watercolor
The Everyday Matters Facebook group jumped right on this and guess immediately that I worked in a library and carted books around on a hand truck. I was delighted to learn that several others had experience as librarians. My life as a trucker is more than one story...literally. I worked in the library all through my college years. The library occupied two stories of what used to be a Catholic monastery. It was a gorgeous, old building and a wonderful place to work. I checked books in on one floor and regularly had to transport the books to the other floor where they were shelved. So, I learned to drive the book truck up and down the steps. It was good exercise.

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