Friday, September 27, 2013

EDM 107 - News Source

If I hear news, it's usually from the same source that I heard about news when I was a kid in the 1970s: TV. My mom watched "The Today Show" faithfully every day. Things have changed in my personal and genuine "Today Show." I watch almost no TV, even less network TV, and none of The Today Show. I'd be hard-pressed to verify that the show is still on. For me, it's "The Yesterday Show" or maybe "The Another World Show."

I chose to paint another nostalgic piece. This is what I remember of our first and only TV until I was about 13. For a very long time, I did not know that the arcs over the word "TODAY" were a rainbow. In those days, TV was black and white, and real life was full technicolor. Times have changed!
EDM 107 - News Source; 3x3" watercolor

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