Wednesday, May 20, 2015

2015 EDiM Day 20 - My Wallet

I bought this quilted wristlet at the Longaberger outlet store while on vacation last year. It was labeled as second-quality, which is another way of saying "imperfect." I always feel like I should buy imperfect products--like we belong together--'cuz I'm imperfect, too. The tag comes out of the pocket. See the comments for "the rest of the story."
EDiM 20 - Wallet; stamp & marker on craft paper

I know I'll use these versatile little stamps again! I thought the push pin on the tiny stamp was a stroke of genius. Is that bragging? :) And, don't you love the irony of the smudged ink on "IMPERFECT"? It made me chuckle when it happened. That'll teach me to brag!
EDiM 20 - Wallet stamp

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