Friday, September 12, 2014

EDM 229 - A Summer Joy

My Summer Sammy speaks summer to me. It has to be made just right and not at all until the tomatoes are perfect. The non-negotiable ingredients are: good, hearty wheat bread (homemade, all the better); Hellman's real mayonnaise slathered on in a heart-stopping amount; thick slices of deep-red, ripe tomatoes (the best cuts from the center); and a very generous sprinkling of flaky sea salt (if in doubt, add more). It's only here for a short time, so I don't skimp on any of the ingredients. There is no neat and dainty way to eat this. It gets messy fast! You've been warned.
EDM 229 - A Summer Joy; 3x3" watercolor

1 comment:

  1. This is my favorite type of sandwich with those same ingredients. Eat this almost every day in the summer for lunch. Sure am going to miss those tomatoes when frost comes. Take care and have a great week.