Friday, October 11, 2013

EDM 121 - A Childhood Memory of Coins

My dad threw all his loose change into a jar in his closet. When he had a bunch, we sat around our 60s-vintage, white Formica kitchen table to roll coins. We always looked at dates on the coins and weeded out old ones. I still have a habit of checking every penny I handle, looking for wheat-backs. They are pretty rare these days, but I get one now and then.

We still sort our change into jars--antique canning jars with cool glass lids--and roll coins occasionally. We are carrying on the family coin tradition.
EDM 121 - Coins; 3x3" watercolor


  1. I recognize the elements of your page right away and I could identify with your description. My family did the same thing and I have very good memories of putting those pennies in the rolls for the bank. I too repeated the tradition with my 3 sons, all now adults. It will be interesting to see if they repeat the tradition with their own families (which do not yet exist) in the future. Of course 'grandma' can always introduce the tradition.

    Thank you for sparking one of my own memories. Maybe I'll do a similar page to record the tradition for my family. Happy sketching.

    1. Thanks, Claire! It always makes me smile when something I've done reminds someone of a happy memory. It's amazing how well art does that--it's like a time machine that transports us to another time and place.