Tuesday, October 1, 2013

EDM 111 - A Bowl

Either this is an imperfect painting of a perfect, little salt-glazed pottery bowl or it's a PERFECT painting of a little bowl I selected from the second-quality bin at an art festival decades ago. Or, it's both! And, since this is an example of one artist of handmade things trying to capture the essence of another artist's handmade thing, it might just be perfect. Who's to say, really?

If you're struggling with trying to draw and paint something perfectly, I encourage you to go find something that ISN'T perfect, and then do your best to draw that thing. You can't really go wrong. I'd lend you my little, lopsided pottery bowl, but it has already gone back to work as a paperclip holder--a job it does perfectly!
EDM 111 - A Bowl; 3x3" watercolor

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