Thursday, March 12, 2015

EDM 254 - Something that Represents Joy

After a long, cold winter, the return of embarrassingly sweet, fresh fruit led by strawberries is a joyful event.

This was a challenging little painting, since I tend to be a purist about the use of white in watercolor. I try, as much as possible, to let the paper shine through for white. That means, of course, that I had to fussy paint all around the little seeds. It was worth it, though. I love the shine on the berry! My other favorite part about this little piece is the shadow. It's pretty perfect...if I do say so myself...and if a shadow can be perfect.
EDM 254 - Something Representing Joy; 3x3" watercolor


  1. Excellent! It makes me want to pull it off the page and take a bite to savor! I see that you have been very busy lately! Lots of wonderful images!

    1. Thanks, Claire! I actually just got really busy putting up a lot of work from the last several months. I was feeling guilty about my neglected blog. :)