Wednesday, December 11, 2013

EDM 164 - A Camera

Seth Godin says that those who do creative work get into it because they have good taste. In other words, they have an eye that others do not have or do not choose to develop. I agree. The eye is THE THING. Just as a camera is essentially a sophisticated mechanical eye controlled by a few programmed buttons, an artist is a complicated, discriminating eye served by an obedient hand.

I lost interest in this painting shortly after I started it, but I've determined that I will not simply display the pieces I like. It's a sketch "book," so everything stays in!
EDM 164 - A Camera; 3x3" watercolor


  1. It's quite lovely. I like that you include everything in the book. It gives your work an authenticity that's hard to find because so few people display their lesser paintings. But, like I said, this is great :)

    1. Thanks so much, Joy! I am learning to embrace the "lesser" as equal and legitimate pieces of the whole. I hope it is more authentic because of that. It warms my heart that you see that in my body of work!