Monday, November 4, 2013

EDM 145 - A Tree in Autumn

I don't spend enough time looking at or studying trees. I tend to paint what I call generic trees--a little difficult to pin down the exact kind--because I usually paint them from memory. Here's one I saw in or neighborhood on my way home from church. It's one of the most amazing shade trees I've ever seen, and right now it's brilliant yellow. Soon, all its wonderful shade will be lying on the ground.

This painting is done entirely with two paint colors. They happen to be my favorites on the palette: WN quinacridone gold and WN intense blue. They mix together to make a wonderful green. The quinacridone gold is an amazing color. It does brown, orange, gold, and bright yellow all by itself! And, the blue does all the rest.

This was a fun challenge.
EDM 145 - A Tree in Autumn; 3x3" watercolor

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