Thursday, November 24, 2011

Intro to Watercolor

Sit a Horse, watercolor on illustration board, 1996
This is my first attempt at watercolor, and I really had no idea what I was doing. I was learning every time I put the brush to the paper. I learned all the tricks for "picking up" paint that didn't go down the way I wanted it to. The colors are rather uninspiring, but I was especially pleased with how the hair turned out. I like the simplicity of it that takes full advantage of the paper color. Her hair really was that color--like spun gold. In this picture, my daughter is four and is learning to sit on a horse. She was immediately hooked, just like I was with watercolor.


  1. Seriously this was your first attempt? Oh my gosh you are so good.

    1. Thanks, Shelley. That's really nice! I think watercolor just makes sense to me in a way oils never did. I experimented a lot with this piece and just played with it until I like it. I think people are afraid of watercolor, which I never have been. Maybe that's why it works for me! :)